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As expected, the themes celebrated in 50 Shades of Grey have thrown Christians into a frenzy of blog critiques about sex, culture, and sin. But, in honesty to ourselves, how should we really view this film? Does its central theme really represent sinister perversion, or it just another movie that we'll yawn at in 10 years?
What if the mission of the Church was to be united instead of all the miscellaneous so-called missions and callings? Wouldn't God first bring us together before calling us away?
We see it all the time - teenagers, administrators, IT managers, and volunteers who are trying their hardest to manage the church website without much success. Are these failures the result of a lack of technology or are we just putting the wrong people in charge of the church's virtual front door? This is a must read for senior and executive pastors struggling with establishing the church's web presence.
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