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Jose Gomez Serves Nonprofits with Passion, Experience, and Expertise in Marketing and Web Presence Development

One of the world's leading experts in nonprofit web presence development, Jose Gomez has built technologies, services, and teams that help nonprofits advance their message and acquire more donors, members, volunteers, and supporters. He has also worked with thousands of businesses across dozens of industries, learning from them as he has helped them to find success.

An Early Start

At an early age, Jose become his journey into entrepreneurship. Through the 90s, he started several ventures including an internet marketing company, a web development consultancy, and a computer sales company alongside building a successful career in sales and advertising. In 1999, Jose accept a position as the Internet Director for the Christian Network, one of the largest religious broadcasters at the time started by Bud Paxson. During his time there, he built several website communities, including PraiseTV.Com, taking it from 15,000 visitors a month to over one million in his first 60 days. The website became the largest Christian teen community of the time, earning several awards. He also built one of the very first browser-based instant messengers in the world as PraiseTV.Com grew into a vibrant social network, lightyears ahead of its time.

Jumping Out on Faith, ChristianJobs.Com, and NetMinistry

The pivotal point in his life came when he had the idea of creating a social network for churches and ministries. After CNI declined his offer to build it to help the struggling ministry, Jose decided to leave his position in 2001, even after having been offered a VP position to stay. Armed with a few thousand dollars in the bank, a household with three children, one child one the way, and a dream, Jose stepped out in faith. Over the next two years, he would build ChristianJobs.Com into the #1 Christian career website in the world and the NetMinistry Website Platform. In 2004, Jose sold ChristianJobs.Com to Salem Communications and continued to build NetMinistry, generating millions of dollars in revenue for his company and clients. He received a Certified Entrepreneur Advisor designation from the International Entrepreneur Network and is Multiple Venture Technology Accredited by CEO Space.

The 3nity Platform and Nonprofit Websites

In 2011, the NetMinistry Website Platform was redeveloped for the use of a broader family of causes and visions, becoming the 3nity Web Presence Platform. Shortly afterwards, Tampa Creative was formed to provide internet marketing services to nonprofits and businesses in the Tampa Bay area. In 2014, his company acquired the assets of Old Hickory Creative to expand its outreach to the pregnancy care industry, creating Pregnancy Care Websites. In 2016, Jose acquired Nonprofit Websites and expanded his reach to leverage the power of the 3nity Web Presence Platform and to serve the entire 501(c) space with the wealth of knowledge and experience he and his team have gained. HelpSuite was added in 2017 as part of an acquisition of eFace2Face to create a new tool for website engagement through live chat and webRTC-enabled video.

Today, Jose's technology platforms, his Net Ministries Foundation, and his elite team in Tampa, Florida power the web presence of over 60,000 nonprofits and small businesses around the world with websites, landing pages, marketing services, live engagement systems, and consulting.

The Smart Nonprofit Master Class

In late 2016, Jose realized his vision of contributing his knowledge to nonprofits around the world by starting the Smart Nonprofit Master Class, a podcast and blog designed to help nonprofits start their organizations, build their web presence, advance and continually improve their content, and marketing their message to the world. The Smart Nonprofit Master Class' 30-minute episodes demonstrate Jose's straight-to-the-point approach to problem solving and the urgency he feels for the nonprofit vision.

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