Nonprofit Internet Presence Mastermind

Nonprofit Internet Presence Mastermind (Photos of People Networking)

Are You a Nonprofit Leader Who Is Tired of Unreliable Answers to Your Web Presence and Online Marketing Questions?

I understand how frustrating it can be, and how many nonprofits are scammed out their money by "experts" who neither have the experience on the internet nor the knowledge about how nonprofits work to give you the right advice. That's why I decided to create this program.

I've created a mastermind group that gives you direct access to me 24/7 for questions related to building your nonprofit, marketing it online, and your web presence in general. It's like having a marketing consultant and internet expert on speed dial!

In addition to gaining access to me through the mastermind group, you'll connect with other nonprofit leaders - all trying to accomplish the same thing: more donors, more volunteers, more supporters, more reach, more impact on their communities and the world. These leaders range from startup nonprofit founders to experienced executive directors. Share experiences, best practices, and more.

Instant Access for $1

Through my company, Nonprofit Websites, my consulting fee is $2,500 for a single session. But, because this mastermind group allows me to leverage technology to address an entire group who I can mentor and grow in an efficient manner, I am able to extend a no-brainer price for access.

The monthly price is $45. But, in order to give you the opportunity to try the group before you make a monthly commitment, I am extending 7 days of full access for $1. No strings attached. Cancel any time quickly and easily.

What Does Access to the Mastermind Include?

The mastermind group is a private online group, using a technology you most likely already use - Facebook. Once in the group, you can read through posts and conversations already started, respond, and contribute. But the biggest features of our group are as follows:

  • Weekly video audits of nonprofit websites submitted by group members.
  • Post questions and receive answers directly from me.
  • Receive one private session per month by Facebook Messenger.

Once your first week is over, you will receive three bonuses:

  • Receive access to the Nonprofit Website Planning Guide
  • Receive access to the Killer Nonprofit Website Content Strategy 
  • Receive access to the Nonprofit Internet Marketing Manual

Easy Cancellation & Access to Bonuses Forever

If you don't find that the group is much help, you will have a direct link to cancel your membership to the group. However, if you stay beyond the first 7 days, you will never lose access to the three bonuses. In reality, the value of our group is more than bonuses and guarantees. But, if I can't prove that, the bonuses are the least I can give you for your effort.

Gain access to a leading nonprofit industry expert who will always be here to help guide you through the maze of marketing and web presence questions. I'll help you grow your organization to the fulfillment of its vision using the power of the internet.

Are you ready to get started?

Yes, I'm ready! I have a dollar right now! Umm... Actually I'm here to Cancel

Would you like me to personally work with you to develop a system that will bring clients, members, donors, and constituents?

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