NIPM Cancelation

Wait... Where Are You Going?

As much as I dislike saying goodbye, I promised you an easy, painless way to cancel your Nonprofit Internet Presence Mastermind membership. So, as promised, here it is. All you have to do is to fill out the form below, and my team will have your membership cancelled lickety split.

Seriously, I only want to ever bring value to you and your organization. If this service isn't delivering that value, then I encourage you to cancel. No questions asked. Well, except for the following ones...

NIPM Cancelation Form

Just fill out the form below and your cancellation request will be sent directly to my team for processing. Please allow one (1) business day for processing. If you are cancelling on a weekend, please note that cancellations will not be processed until Monday.

This is just helpful. But, please be honest.
You won't offend me. Let me have it.

Would you like me to personally work with you to develop a system that will bring clients, members, donors, and constituents?

I Want to Work with Jose!

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